Belgian metal band Anwynn’s sound builds itself on a solid ground of melodic death metal. Tight riffs support a vocal duo consisting of female vocals and growls, and powerful orchestrated keyboards build the bridge between symphony and metal. The latest "Swords & Blood" EP fuses melodies and blasts together into a powerful melodic metal sound they have made their own. Their dynamics are further amplified on stage: the musicians wear a kilt and drink in their horns while they deliver a show not easily forgotten.

Prepare for battle!


Swords & Blood
Official Video Clip - Oct. 2015

Official Live Video Clip

from Live 2017 DVD

Anwynn is

Eline Van de Putte Lead Female Vocals

Vincent « McBouc » Carton Growl

Eerik Maurage Guitars

Romain Caudron Guitars

Luca Viperini Guitars

Vincent « Wobi » Van Loo Bass

Astrid Kaiserman Keyboards

Yuki Takano Drums


Behind the Veil
Demo - 2008

Newydd Wawr
Demo - 2010

Forbidden Songs
Album – 2012

Swords & Blood
Extended Play - 2015

Live 2017
DVD - 2017

Past dates

02/09/2018 : Frietrock Metal Rock Fest 2018

01/09/2018 : Le Cercle Rock & Metal Fest

27/07/2018 : Rockelingen 2018

07/05/2018 : Durbuy Rock

14/09/2017 : KulturA (Liège) (w/Oldd Wvrms, Molk)

09/09/2017 : Hellhole (Schaerbeek) (w/ Aktarum)

19/08/2017 : Jan Hertog Club (Maasmechelen) w/ Battlebeast

25/06/2017 : Festival Interceltique De L'Ourthe Bleue (Hamoir)

24/06/2017 : Botanique (Brussels) (w/ 61 Minds, Marylyn)

25/06/2017 : Festival Interceltique De L'Ourthe Bleue (Hamoir)

Prog Power Metal Fest 2010
(with The Scorpions, Arch Enemy)

Liv Kristine’s Solo Tour 2015 (Nürnberg, Germany)

Walrock Festival 2015

Hellmetal Fest (Female Edition) 2015

Kraken Rock Metal Fest 2015

Coq Rock Festival 2013

Dark Moon Concerts Festival VIII 2012

The Wanderer Tour 2012 with Diabulus in Musica & Izegrim

Metal Female Voices Festival X 2012

Rommelrock Festival 2012

Metal Female Voices Festival VIII 2010
(with Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, Diabulus in Musica)

Reviews & Interviews

« With a dynamic mix of death metal, symphonics, and otherwordly vocals, Swords & Blood has left a dent »

Sorrow Eternal (EN)

« Des moments forts en contrastes atmosphériques et rythmiques […] le potentiel du groupe est réel. »

Spirit of Metal (FR)

Interview with Astrid (Keyboards)

Under the Moon, 2015 (FR)

« [...] talented musicians [...] willing to walk the fine line between genre tags,
sometimes kicking rocks from one side to ther other »

Sorrow Eternal (EN)

« Anwynn a réussi à rendre tangible un duo vocal finalement trop rarement mis
sur un même piédestal »

NawakPosse (FR)

« Die Band [zeigt sich] gestärkt und kehrt mit einer Urgewalt
auf die Metal-Bühne zurück. Das macht Lust auf mehr. »

Heavy Metal – All What You Need Blog (DE)

« La Belgique va vite devenir exiguë pour eux,
il va falloir repousser les limites, et les frontières. »

Metal Impact (FR)

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Phone: +32-472-87.51.57